How to use "this" of a React Component from outside?

Sometime we must use "this" of a React Component from outsize, for example inside another function.
Consider my example by steps below:

Step 1 Create a function outside of your React Component that use want to use:
 function funx(functionEvents, params) {
  console.log("events of funx function: ", functionEvents);
  console.log("this of component: ", this);
  console.log("params: ", params);
  //To fix the Warning: This synthetic event is reused for performance reasons. If you're seeing this, you're accessing the method `isDefaultPrevented` on a released/nullified synthetic event. This is a no-op function. If you must keep the original synthetic event around, use event.persist(). See for more information.

Step 2 Bind it inside the React component:
 constructor(props) {
    this.state = {};
    this.funxBinded = funx.bind(this);

Step 3 Use it in your React component:

Complete code:

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